Friday, October 19, 2012

Counting Pumpkins--printable book! Match the number to the pictures

Halloween seems to be a popular subject in the primary education world, judging from the hits and downloads on my Halloween pages!  I'm not sure Thanksgiving will hold the same appeal!

Title page

 It's Friday night and I'm home alone (David is camping), so to fulfill my blogging needs in the absence of distractions, I've created a book--a counting book---a counting pumpkin book.  I looked for one on Tarheel Reader, and there were none.  Now there is one--thanks to me!       You can view it there, or you can see it on Google Drive.  The links are below. Print, laminate, velcro--have some fun with the kidos!

Click here to download the Pumpkin Counting book.

Click here to download the icons/numbers in

Click here to download the icons/numbers in 

I hope everyone has a nice weekend wherever you are.  The weather is lovely here in North Carolina!

Kids can match these to the book pages. Laminate and velcro!

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  1. So cute! It's nice to collect a variety of materials to work on counting because it can definitely be boring and repetitive at times! If you don't mind I'd like to add a link to your page on my new SLP blog!

    ~Ms. Lane