Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Triangle Run for Autism!

Saturday's almost here, and I'm ready for my first full 5k!  (You may recall that my last race turned out to be a bit shorter than that.)    It's all about personal growth and this race should be longer and quicker for me.  It's also for a great cause---I've worked with so many kids and families who have benefited directly from the generosity from the Autism Society of North Carolina.  I'm hoping to see lots of familiar faces there as I whiz by!

My donation page!
I am so grateful for people who have generously donated on my behalf.
A couple of my friends helped (Sandy and Jamezetta), but the most generous donation was from Advanced Medical.  A quick look at their website shows lots of professional opportunities and if you scroll down, you can see that they also support other organizations such as Care.  Take a look at their pages!

Advanced Medical page

I'll be posting a followup entry.
In the meantime, think of all of us mothers, grandmothers, cousins, therapists, dads, kids, and teachers as we are zipping through Raleigh on Saturday morning!

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