Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snowflakes Everywhere---printable book with icons

There are no snowflakes in Chapel Hill even though I wish longingly for them!  Before moving here, I lived in northeast Ohio, and I've forgotten how dreary that area was in the winter.  Here in North Carolina, snow is a treat!   A few flakes is cancelled, the news becomes 24 hour coverage of the 'storm', and the grocery stores completely run out of milk and bread.  Please.......I want snow!  I like a little excitement!

While I waited for the (nowhere to be seen) blizzard, I made you all a book.  It's similar in theme to my other little Boardmaker books, so it'll be easier for the kids who have learned the familiar pattern. I guess for those who need artic activities you can see that 'snowflakes' has two consonant blends plus the plural ending!  There is also an expectation that they will use the words 'on' and 'under' correctly.  You can take care of many of your goals in one activity!!!   I wish speech therapy was really that easy.  As we all know, the reality is that for goals to be mastered, the child has to use the targeted language and articulation skills in multiple contexts.  Anyway, here it is in one context!  Have fun!

Entire book in Boardmaker

sample page

Sample page

Click here to download the book in Boardmaker (you can edit as you wish)

Click here to download in pdf
Icons and sentence strip

I wish this would happen soon!

There's an app that makes for a nice follow up activity.  Go HERE!



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