Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Counting---free printable adapted book with icons

Life has been busy and interesting lately.  (See last post)  Even though I did not actually join the Peace Corps with my daughter, the experience of sending her off to the other side of the world, and then compulsively checking her flight status, her take offs and landings, and waiting for gmail chat to link us has been exhausting!   She's fine now, and settled for a little while in Surabaya (I'm learning all of these new places through her!).


So, now I'm ready to mentally return to speech therapy.   Spring has totally arrived here, pine pollen and all.  Here is a simple spring counting book I found on Tarheel Reader.  I changed one picture, added a last page, and added icons so you can have your kids match.  A sentence strip is included if you want to use it.  Cut the icons up, laminate, add velcro and bind the book---you have a simple book to read with the kids!

I'll get more creative in subsequent posts. Simple often works for me.  How about you?

Click here to download the book.

Click here to download the icons in Boardmaker

Click here to download the icons in pdf.

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