Sunday, April 14, 2013

You Make More of an Impact than You Think You Do

Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell 

where their influence stops.

Henry Brooks Adams

I guess technically I'm not a teacher.  I work in a school, though, and co-teach with a resource teacher in a social skills group with four adorable first grade boys.  One little boy has been under the table squeaking for a good part of his instruction over several sessions; I questioned to myself whether our lovely instructions about expected behaviors, turn-taking, sharing, speaking on topic, or other assorted goals had any impact whatsoever.  Then, he took a turn for the better!  Before spring break, we had the boys dye Easter eggs (there are a lot of social skills that kids have to apply to this activity!)

The child in question wrote spontaneously in his writing journal in his first grade classroom: "I also had an died/easter egg from Social Skils Goup (SSG). It is the best thing I ever been in!  
       My jaw dropped when his teacher showed this to me.  This kid, who resists interaction, who dives under tables rather than make eye contact, who refuses to talk about remote events or answer questions, not only acknowledged our group, but claimed it was the highlight of his life---unsolicited! 

Needless to say, I can't wait to see him again on Wednesday!  I think all of us make more impact than we realize, and the effects can continue on and on.  When IEPs and paperwork get you down, think of the little successes that happen during your day!  Someday, a kid or parent will remember you and thank their lucky stars that you were a part of that child's life! 

My favorite movie, but all of you create little miracles daily-sometimes more than you know.


  1. You're so right Ruth! How I wish we teachers would always have this at the back of our minds that indeed we are creating and shaping life!

  2. Love this! Nothing lifts your spirits more than knowing a kid "gets it"! :)


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