Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Workload vs Caseload---printable graphics; Change the mindset

It seems as though school speech pathologists work all the time.  When I read others' blogs, I read about midnight evaluation writing, staying until dinner at school to write therapy notes, Saturday afternoons spent making materials, Sunday nights writing plans.  Lots of us take on extra duties such as the School Improvement Teams, RtI committees, bus duty, student council, fundraisers, potluck cooking, clothes shopping for needy kids.  You name it; an SLP has done it!

Workload Activity Clusters--my version
        So we are super heroes in the workforce; however, when SLP positions are looked at by administrators, often it boils down to one number---caseload size.  ASHA has already done a massive amount of work on caseload vs workload in the public schools and they came up with a very wordy graphic.  Being the Boardmaker queen at our school, I decided to simplify the language, and embellish with significant icons.  You decide which you like better.  Links to both are at the bottom.  I would display copies in your office.  You will notice that direct speech/language therapy is actually only a fraction of our job.  However, if you have 80 kids on your caseload, how much of this entire job can you really effectively do?

ASHA's version

I hate to sound like a broken record, but for those of you especially who work in the public schools, it's important to elect leaders in our field who will advocate for  the workload mindset rather than the antiquated caseload mindset.  Read more about that here, and vote for your choice for the president and board.  Last year less than 4% of ASHA membership voted.

Click here if you want to vote now!!!
It doesn't take long!

Link to ASHA workload graphic.

Link to my Boardmaker workload graphic in pdf


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