Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week---What you can do

This was written by the Principal of Ephesus Elementary, and is a great suggestion for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Please pass this on:

"So many people have asked my opinion about what to do for teachers for appreciation week. I agree that we all love the treats, the flowers, the gift cards, and the cards, so keep them coming! But you know what would really be helpful? Please take a moment to write to your legislators to demand that teachers get pay raises, step increases, and a fair wage. In NC, teachers haven't gotten that in over 5 years. Some of the people that work with YOUR CHILDREN each day are living below the poverty line. And while you're writing, demand that teachers be treated with respect. We are educated, caring individuals who make thoughtful decisions that ultimately affect all of society. Demand that non-educator lawmakers stop making ill-informed educational decisions. Demand that they have paid time for professional development. Demand that they stop cutting the education budget while padding their own pockets (think Governor McCrory's pay raises for new cabinet members). Demand that teachers earn a fair wage that will allow them to possibly purchase their own Starbucks treat one morning before school. Because while none of us went into education for the money, many of us leave because we simply cannot afford to stay. And that's a shame for children everywhere."

Thanks Principal Creamer!


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