Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gluten Free Goodness!

I never win anything!  Yet, when I entered a Facebook gluten-free cake contest--lo and behold!  I was declared the winner!  The cake-baking company, Golden Age Bakery, is right in town and is all gluten-free!  Are any of you locals in need of specialized gluten-free cakes for a wedding or a party--they do this!  Check out their website for other products.
The owner, Sylvia, delivered a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, and it made for a perfect Mother's Day treat!  It's so rare that I actually get to eat dessert!  Those of you who are gluten-free know what I'm talking about.  I may have to order more of these!


  1. looks delicious

  2. Yummy! I still haven't been able to get myself completely gluten free, but I think that may help me overall! I am hoping this summer I can concentrate on that a little more!


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