Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beach Fun Prepositions Bingo---free download

Today was a beautiful day here in North Carolina!   I have a free download for you (all of my stuff is free).  This is Beach Fun Prepositions Bingo--there are three Bingo cards, and the calling cards.  Kids can practice describing the pictures using beach/ocean vocabulary and prepositions such as over, under, beside, on, and between.  This is a great activity for the end of the school year, or in the summer.  I'm working in the Extended School Year program!   What are you all doing?

I am going to go off-topic here now, and remind all SLPs to vote for the ASHA board and president by May 31st.  Not everyone is totally happy in their job, and I'm sure that you would like leaders to hear what you have to say and advocate for smaller caseloads among other things.  Check out this blog posting with a really clear infographic which clearly illustrates some difficulties in the life of an SLP..

Then click here to vote.  I personally voted for those who had experience in a school setting since that's where I am.

Click here to download this in Boardmaker

Click here to download this in pdf

Again, vote.  Last year, only 3% did. 

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