Saturday, October 3, 2015

Small Collection of Halloween Materials (lots of printables)

 Here are some favorites from years past....reposted for people new to my blog.


----------------------------------------------------------------------------    (from last year)

For all of my friends out there, here is a collection that I've accumulated over the past three years.  Most have free printables or downloads.  I'm sure I'll add to this as the month of October progresses, so check back occasionally!



Halloween fun! Make a lollipop ghost! Printable directions

Orange Pumpkin Book--get ready for Halloween! 





Big Pumpkin----Great book, printable icons 






Counting Pumpkins--printable book! Match the number to the pictures 






Pumpkin Carving, the iPad, and Communication 






Pumpkin Feelings book--Printable with icons 


The Little Old Lady who was not Afraid of Anything

Pumpkins Everywhere


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