Wednesday, October 9, 2013

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

I love kids' art; I love special kids' art; and I love Nara Strickland (our art teacher) because she brings out the best in those extra special kids who I love at my school. (She also inspired my daughter years ago.)  This year, she is submitting five of my kids' stunning pieces to be on display at the North Carolina State Fair!   I am in awe of the art (several of these children are nonverbal) and I'm so thankful for Nara for going the extra mile to bring out their inner selves! 

This guy has been my student for 6 years!  To go from being almost nonverbal to painting scenes on canvas is amazing to me.  

 This girl spent her formative years in a primitive refuge camp in Thailand.  Now she battles some health and learning problems--and is very expressive with colors.

Very interesting stencil art by young boy with severe autism!
Always great with letters and numbers--I wonder how he sees the world?

I love the owl in the tree!  This student was new to all of us this year.

One of my favorite young artists.....painting and drawing are very calming to him.   After every speech session, he makes a picture for me.  He's nearly nonverbal, but with art? He's phenomenal!

Nara's room for inspiration


  1. These are AMAZING!!! I too think that art is one of the most amazing things and LOVE when I can see my kiddos grow as artists. LOVE these!!!