Sunday, October 20, 2013

In case you didn't know--Pumpkins are Round

A circle is a round shape, but not all round shapes are perfect circles.   Circles are two dimensional, but the world is three dimensional. Sphere is a very hard word to say and that's my geometry lesson of the day!

I'm slightly tired of all the Halloween speech therapy blogs, but as I was thinking about one last gasp of a pumpkin book, I stumbled upon a Tarheel Reader story about round things, of which one was a pumpkin!  What a nice way to tie in the features of pumpkins, and visually present the concept of 'round' to my kids who need concepts presented at the most basic of levels.  Ideally, a topnotch teacher or therapist would teach this concept 3D first---bring in objects that are 'round', and 'not round' to sort. Although the concept of 'circle' seems drilled into kids, the concept of 'round' is often forgotten.   After sorting, introduce the book!  Icons and a sentence strip are included.  Everything is free as usual!

Link is below.  The nice thing about this book is that you can use it all year long.  

 Click here to download book and icons.


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