Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Clovers for Me and You---printable adapted book

February is almost over!!!!   Sorry to tell you folks up north, but our daffodils are blooming, and onion grass is sprouting. It's sweater weather again, and recess is no longer painful.

Now I'm jumping ahead to St. Patrick's day.  None of my kids understand it, and in fact, I really don't know why we think about it; however, I like green and green is symbolic of spring.   Let's just do it!

I love Tarheel Reader, and found a cute book (Clovers for me and you) there.  You can check it out, but I did download it, and altered it a bit, and then added icons for kids to match and build two word combinations.  The original book obviously was not mine, and I didn't take the great photos.  It's available for download on Tarheel Reader, and you can also check out the adapted version here on my website!  I really appreciate the person who created the original!


Click here to download the book and icons

Use this with your kids.  Report back, leave a comment; that will make me happy.



  1. Thanks so much for making these materials available- love the simplicity and concepts- so hard to find!

  2. Your materials are my favorite! thank you.


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