Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bears Everywhere---Free printable book

I have a child on my caseload who is obsessed with bears.  Without a bears-related activity, this darling is very busy doing everything except the assigned task. Give him a 'bear craft' or a 'bear book' and he is attentive, behaves, and communicates.  For our speech/OT group, we have decided to have a bears theme for next week, so I've whipped up a book that will capture our boy's interest and keep him at the table.  Use the icons however you need to---some of my kids don't need them, while others are at the matching level.  I have some of the children use the sentence strip to help combine words.

It's patterned off of my older books---why change a good thing?  We have set up a joint action routine!

Click here to download in pdf

Click here to download in Boardmaker

Title page

icons and sentence strip (blue)


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