Sunday, February 16, 2014

Joey and Jet---another preposition book!

I'm amassing a lot of materials targeting prepositions and in a couple of days, I'll send out a 'preposition collection'.   The latest find is a children's book called "Joey and Jet" by James Yang.

From Amazon: "Joey (a boy) and Jet (his dog) have a simple adventure that is enhanced by a digital format. Joey, a round-headed kid (think Charlie Brown for the twenty-first century) has a ball. His black-and-white dog (yes, a little Snoopy-like) watches as Joey tosses it. Jet chases it--among the birds, through the trees, on the water, up and down the hill. Jet finally brings the ball back, only to have Joey throw it again. Intensely visual, this also provides a way for children to get the feel of prepositions, which are in boldface, and the way they relate to space: the ball goes between tables and over the roof. But it's the artwork that's the draw here. Using digital pen-and-ink, Yang has created simple yet intriguing landscapes. For instance, trees are black crooked lines overlaid with lime-green leaves set against a mottled-orange background. Groups of tables and chairs are identical, but their 1950s shapes and colors make them standouts. Fun to look at, this is a clever, energetic romp."

I've used this book in the past, and am using it this week with some kindergarteners in language therapy.  It's great for prepositions beyond 'on' and 'under' and it ties in a cute plot and characters.  Check out these pages---

 The language is simple, the pictures are engaging, and you can reenact chasing scenes in your speech rooms.  I love it.

This book is available on Amazon, but I got my copy at the public library.  You don't always need to spend your hard-earned dollars!

I made a few printable icons to go with this book.  I have to say that Boardmaker did not have an icon for 'among', so since the book's example was 'among the birds',  I just used bird icons. 

Click here to download the icons in Boardmaker

Click here to download the icons in pdf

It's never too early to read to a baby.  Here's my husband and our cute granddaughter.  So what if it's the Wall Street Journal!


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