Thursday, February 13, 2014

Peace Corps Tidbits--Volcano and English Camp

There haven't been huge amounts of photos from Indonesia lately.  You might recall that last April, my daughter, Andorra, traveled to Indonesia for a 27 month stint with the Peace Corps.  You can check out the posts about that here, here, and here.

The most recent news is that her town of Madiun is now sprinkled with volcanic ash from a major eruption of Gunung Kelud--a volcano also on East Java.  She's totally safe (volcano is 100 km away) and has posted  pictures of the fine ash layer around her place, along with everyone's coping with it all. The students apparently were sent home early from school---literally a 'volcano' day. 

Andorra says that masks are necessary because the ash hardens with moisture (you want to keep it out of your lungs.)  She also said that Peace Corps volunteers closer to the volcano were evacuated. 

Other photos from recent weeks are below:

Her Bali vacation!
English camp girls

Working at an English camp: "Helped out at an English camp this weekend. Not my school, unfortunately, but I'm glad I could be a part of it! There were 10 schools and ~100 students. Activities included some games of 20 questions, English performances (singing and plays) and school cheers and speeches. Also, a nice hike to a nearby park. And, of course, they were very excited to have me there! Next year maybe we can get more volunteers in on this."

English camp

I'll leave you with this stunning picture from the Wired Science website.  Although the US actually has more volcanoes than Indonesia, theirs seem more active.  There is the one today and there is another active one on the island of Sumatra. I feel that the Peace Corps would never let their volunteers work in danger, so for now, the sense of adventure and  the science of all of this intrigues me.

volcanic lightning at Gunung Kelud

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