Friday, July 15, 2011

Dents, dry ice, and playtime

I'm learning new things all the time.  Take carbon dioxide---I thought it was a product of combustion, and never really had a use for it.   Frozen carbon dioxide (otherwise known as dry ice) I discovered today has several uses---two of which are demonstrated here.

The first use is when one of your children dents a car (by hitting a bush).  (It came out of nowhere).  Apparently you can apply dry ice to the dent, and then the metal (from contracting, then expanding) miraculously pops back into place. 

When the "dry ice to the dent" method becomes extremely boring, and the dent won't go away, the second use for dry ice is just to have fun.

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  1. Take a small piece put it in an old film canister close the top while your outside by the way put it out side and stay back about 10 feet. It will take a few minutes. Or put a piece in a in a Gatorade bottle seal it and then stand WELL back. :)


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