Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Simple Cause and Effect with the iPad

I found a new iPad app for my little student who needs to learn to point! The name of it is 'Tap Tap Baby' and I learned about it from a nice blog--Babies with iPads.  The website author wrote,  "This blog is designed to document infants/toddlers with disabilities using an iPad to promote their development. I hope to show how this new technology can help children with disabilities develop their communication, play, pre-literacy, cognitive, visual/auditory and motor skills."    I checked out some of the recommendations and this app looked perfect.

There is no dragging or swiping with the screens.  The child merely needs to touch to get something to happen.  My girl's favorite page was the  monkey face.  She had to touch the face to get sounds and different facial expressions.  Here are some screen shots and a picture of her developing her 'pointing'.

Check out the nice pointing finger.  She does have a tendency to point repetitively, but we can work on that!

Other activities include touching an animal to hear the sound it makes, touching a shape to hear a label, and touching a house and car to hear the sounds.  You can also touch the night sky to see fireworks.  For simple pointing, and learning cause and effect, this is a great app!  My student certainly thinks so!

The child touches the sky to see and hear a simple animated firework display.

The child can touch different items for simple animation and sound effects

The child can touch the shape to hear the label and see very simple animation.

The child can touch the animal to hear its sound.

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  1. Hi - THANK YOU for this post! I haven't been able to find a pointing app that actually has just the right amount of detail to be interesting, but not overwhelming. I have had struggles getting an autistic student of mine focus on the content of apps rather than all the lovely distractions AROUND the iPad (buttons... so many buttons....) and this did the trick. Huge breakthrough. I had someone take a little video, hopefully will post it on Youtube if his mom is ok, will let you know.


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