Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Night of Art---Carrboro Style

This was a double dose of art----the 2nd Friday Art Walk, plus the annual 10 by 10 plays at the ArtsCenter.

  • Paper Hand Puppets were first.  Handmade puppets were covering the walls.  The actual puppet shows start on August 5th at the Forest Theater in Chapel Hill if anyone is interested in going.
  • The next art exhibit was entitled "The Paths I Trace are the Stories You tell".  This was a series of newspaper articles that were cut out line-by-line and arranged linear fashion as paths that went along the wall, intersecting at points.  My daughter immediately found the name of our friend, Jamezetta, in the newspaper trail.  (I need to let her know that she is now part of art.)
  • Last was the annual 10 by 10 play---great fun, with the 10 year anniversary series coming up in a couple of weeks (the best of 10 by 10).   We already have our tickets for that.

My favorite




Wining and dining along the art walk
Getting ready for the plays

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