Saturday, July 16, 2011

Every Day Should be Pie Day

      I never made pies....I love them though. I grew up with homemade fresh fruit pies--apple, cherry, peach.  My mom made the best crust ever!  Now in the summers particularly, I get cravings for pie.  My mother-in-law makes them when we visit from time to time, and Whole Foods here in Chapel Hill has great ones. One summer in particular, I was addicted to their blueberry pies--making a trip there every other day.

      Then my diet changed, and unfortunately, most pie crust is from wheat flour (gluten).  It's hard to get away from that!  Pie without the crust wasn't pie.  Last year, though, I was poking around in the Whole Foods freezer, and-- Wow!  They had gluten free frozen pie crusts!  Since then, during the summer, we've made our own homemade berry pies.  There's several recipes, but today we used this one from Pillsbury (without the lattice design). We substituted their crust with the premade gluten-free one. 

The Carrboro Farmer's Market today had perfect blueberries--sweet, big, fresh.  The pictures say it all, except they don't show ME eating three pieces.

She doesn't seem to mind gluten-free pie!

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