Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another geocaching milestone---2000

The hike
I know it sounds excessive, but today I found my 2,000th geocache.  I haven't and never will catch up to David (3200 about), and the most anyone has found (so far) is 55,367 caches. Seems like a lot to me!  I'll settle for being an amateur at this.

I wanted this find to be memorable, fun, and outdoorsy---the hike to the summit of Mt. Major in New Hampshire with David, my sister-in-law, and my nephew fit all three.  The mountain was encased in fog, and we all enjoyed the wild critters we saw.  The ammo box containing the log book and a few trinkets was an easy find, and afterwards, we munched on a few blueberries!

The summit
The route up
Along the way, we saw oodles of baby Eastern/Red-Spotted Newts!


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