Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crack, then Crash

I promised a followup story to my Friday blog.  On Friday, I was looking forward to weather that was slightly more exciting than the drought-filled, 95 degree days that have seemed to be the norm.  I had forgotten what a drenching rain was like, and missed Greg Fishel's dire weather warnings on WRAL.  This weekend, Hurricane Irene was all in the news and was satisfying my weather needs, just through the internet/television screens.  We were not in the direct path. (New York City was being evacuated, but not us!)  I felt safe inland, but the weather map really was intensely riveting. 
      For Chapel Hill (again, being out of the direct path) this was 'hurricane-lite'.  

So what happened to us on Saturday?  Although this was not the drenching, 100 mile an hour full blown hurricane, there were a few moments of wind.  The wind was random--one minute nothing, and the next minute, small limbs were falling, trees bending, and if you were outside, you felt the urge to run for cover.  It was during one of those moments that I heard it.   (I was safely inside).

Crack    (This where you feel vulnerable and suddenly look up in dreadful anticipation of the next sound.)

Crash (right into the corner of the house)   Pictures say everything.  

Maybe I really shouldn't wish for memorable weather. On the bright side, it could have been worse.
I truly feel for those who endured much, much worse than we did. 

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