Saturday, August 27, 2011

Comfort Food--Gluten Free!

Today was Hurricane Irene day.  A tree fell on our roof---bad news for us.  I'll post more about that Sunday.

I really needed a home-cooked crockpot type of meal with a glass of wine to make me and my husband feel better.  I turned to my favorite recipe website---A Year of Slow Cooking.   All of her recipes are gluten-free and easy to do.  The Crockpot Turkey Breast dish was simple and I already had the stuff. I won't repost the recipe here--if interested, you should go to this website.  I did add potatoes, a few more spices, and a bit of gluten-free worcestershire sauce. David said it was good, and we have tons of leftovers.  I do carry my lunches to school, and believe me, this beats cafeteria food any day.  This will be great.
It's ready (in the crockpot)!

Serve over rice.  Have a glass of wine.  Enjoy!
The tree on the house problem is now pushed to the far edges of my mind.  I'm going to enjoy my dinner.

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  1. Hey I am a speech blogger as well AND gluten free too! I got diagnosed with a Gluten Intolerance a few weeks ago! My sister has been gluten free for years! Anyways just wanted to say hello!


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