Thursday, August 25, 2011

Memorable Weather

The weather has been sort of boring all summer.  We talked about the heat (100s), but there's been only sluggish misery--no trees crashing, power outages, torrential rain, until now-- hurricane season.  We have been lucky enough for about 10 years to avoid recent storms, but it's hard to ever forget Hurricane Fran and Hurricane Floyd back in the 90s.

 Fran came to Chapel Hill at night in 1996.  Trees landed on neighbor's rooftops and across roads on our street.  There was no power at our house after that for 5 days!  The night of the storm was terrifying (kids slept through it, though), and I felt lucky to be alive the next day. 
Hurricane Floyd in 1999 did not affect the Chapel Hill area (except the kids got one day off of school).  Eastern North Carolina was hit with torrential rains, and devastating flooding. There were 35 deaths.

The hurricane in the news right now is Irene.  The path takes it inland a bit so the outer banks area is expected to take the brunt of the winds.  Heavy rain is predicted in the eastern part of the state.  I feel for the people living out there and hope they have taken necessary precautions---evacuating if needed.  I'm not worried at all about Chapel Hill--and currently am grateful for where we live.  I'll let you know on Sunday how this all turns out. 

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