Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chicken in Curry Simmer Sauce---Gluten Free!

When I first went Gluten Free, I was overwhelmed by the lack of conveniences.  Our family was, at that time, typical of many families with working parents----pizza and carry-outs happened often, and processed foods from the grocery store were staples in our freezer.  Of course, most of these contained some type of wheat product, so suddenly, I was forced to live off of potatoes and cheese, due to a lack of knowledge of wheat-free alternatives.   Gradually, I've developed a repertoire of recipes, and I've found some easy convenience items that work for when I get home after 4:00, and have to entertain out-of-towners (like the ones that are coming for the big wedding this weekend!)

Tonight's dish was very simple---two jars of Curry Simmer Sauce from Trader Joe's, and a couple of packages of boneless chicken breasts.  I followed the instructions on the jar---easy.  Made a salad and rice, and we were good to go.  My sister in law and her son were supposed to arrive right at supper, and presto!  a delicious dinner was cooked up.  (Minor glitch---they are still sitting in Cleveland with a flight delay as I'm typing this up.  Oh well, this will still taste good at 11:00 tonight when they do get in!)
  The verdict about this dish----nothing beats 'made from scratch', but for a convenience dish for a working person---this was good. 

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