Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weddings by charlie

June 11, 1983, Lexington Kentucky

October 22, 2011
Yesterday, my son, Ben, married his sweetheart, Aleah.  It was not a big church wedding, but was a formal event hosted by Paula and Howie Loyd at their beautiful home.  Everything was spectacular and filled with love and joy---everything.    For my friends who attend the Community Church of Chapel Hill, I have one little tidbit which made the wedding extra special:  the minister who married David and me back in 1983 in Lexington Kentucky, also married Ben and Aleah. I have photos to prove it! We are all a little grayer now than in the early photo, but charlie kast (he doesn't capitalize his name) is still the warm, friendly wonderful person now that he was back then.  He gently coached the bride and groom through the ceremony, stayed for much of the reception, and was his usual friendly self and great to talk to. Thank you, charlie!  
charlie and Ben

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