Monday, October 31, 2011

Recording Hearing Screening Results on your iPad--Tutorial

Part of my job is to screen hearing.  As a speech pathologist, we don't need to chart audiograms, or do anything detailed, but we do need to record a 'pass' or 'fail' in 6 different frequencies.  In the past, I've scratched the results onto a piece of scrap paper, then more meticulously recorded the results on a spreadsheet.  At first, it was a paper spreadsheet, last year it was a Google form, and now this year, I've tossed the pencil and paper, and just record the results into a Google form on my iPad, which sends it into a tidy Google spreadsheet which I can share electronically with my program leader.

If you do not know how to create a Google form, go here.  This link tells you step by step how to create a form.Then if you want to put this form onto your iPad screen, go here.   It's actually very easy to create a form, and then you can just look at my hearing screening form below, and use that as a model.
Screenshot of first part form

Screenshot of bottom part of form
Screenshot of very last part of form
Once you have a form, all of the data you collect goes into a Google Spreadsheet.  Here is a screenshot of my spreadsheet (I've changed the names) so you can see what this can look like (depending on your form).
This spreadsheet can be ultimately downloaded as a pdf or as an Excel document.  No pencils needed though!   I'm always looking for ways to reduce my paper mountain! 

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