Friday, January 27, 2012

Air Display---Turn your iPad into a mini-smartboard (and more!)

Right: Laptop Smartboard software     Left: iPad receiving same program from laptop through Wifi

  • For all of you out there who do not have a Smartboard in your room (like me)....
  • For all of you out there who would like children to have touch screen access to a children's computer program but don't have a touch screen......
  • For all of you out there who would like a child to use interactive Smartboard software without disrupting a whole class......

One app that might help is Air Display!  You need to have Wifi, an iPad, and a laptop.  Once you install the app, your iPad display screen turns into your laptop display.   You can then control your laptop with the iPad through its touch window.  No need for a mouse!   In this example, I launched Notebook (Smartboard) and turned my iPad into a Smartboard.   (I had difficulty taking pictures of the kids using this----it was too difficult to manage the computer and iPad, and take a picture or video at the same time!  For now, a video of me doing this at home will have to suffice.)  I think this app is unbelievable!

In a day or so, I'll publish a tutorial for loading this app on your iPad, and loading the software on your laptop.   You might also need to change the display settings, and have to make sure Wifi is running correctly on both.  It took me a day or so to do this---more complicated than the usual app, but worth the time. 

The app is $9.99---a little expensive for an app, but when you think a Smartboard is several thousand dollars, this seems cheap.  You can find Air Display here!

Have a nice Friday night!

Here's a movie recommendation, by the way.  A bit off topic:

   Refrigerator Mothers (this is the link to watching it online, free)
Snag films write: "It is America of the 1950s and 1960s, when a woman's most important contribution to society is generally considered to be her ability to raise happy, well-adjusted children. But for the mother whose child is diagnosed with autism, her life's purpose will soon become a twisted nightmare. Looking for help and support, she encounters instead a medical establishment that pins the blame for her child's bizarre behaviors on her supposedly frigid and detached mothering. Along with a heartbreaking label for her child, she receives a devastating label of her own. She is a "refrigerator mother"."

screenshot from Snag Films---check it out!

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