Sunday, January 8, 2012

Who knew a flag ceremony could be so fun?

 This is short and sweet---the 6th graders in Girl Scout Troop 1033 did the flag ceremony at the UNC Women's Basketball game!    Two of the four girls are Blue Ribbon mentees (Alana and Paulina); two of the Girl Scout leaders are mentors (Ruth and Diane)!  We had a great time, so check out the photos and videos!  I also have a new basketball hero---Chay Shegog.

The ones there (except for me)--Diane, Paulina, Madisyn, Mary Carmen, Alana, and Meg (a leader).

Looking poised!

Video with Pablo Vega singing

Poor Tar Heels---good game, though.  Went into overtime.


  1. Is your troop doing cookie sales this year? It's a little harder now that they are beautiful young women instead of cute little brownies.... I'm so glad you post about your troop.

  2. Is there a way I could watch the video? I tried, but it says it's private. Just to hear how it went, haha! My e-mail is Thank you! ~ Pablo Vega

    1. Sorry about the video. I changed the settings, and I thought the singing was wonderful!


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