Sunday, January 22, 2012

Love Bug (Smartboard plus link to low tech version)

When I was growing up, The Love Bug was a popular movie.  (That's not what this post is about.)

Fast Forward to 2012.......
I'm  still looking forward to  Valentine's Day and thought I would create a Smartboard activity to go with a low tech lesson that I found at Teaching Heart Blog.  (You would think I spend all of my time reading blogs, but actually Pinterest has cut corners.  I found the link on a fellow pinner's page---easy! If you are a teacher, get on Pinterest.)

The directions and image on Teaching Heart Blog are as follows:
"It’s a Roll and Draw a Love Bug Game.  All you need is the free printable and some dice.  The object of the game is to roll the dice and day all the parts to your love bug.  First player to have all six parts on the love bug wins. "
     Simple enough but I usually don't even talk about who 'wins'.  It's over when it's over.  Everyone wins!

   Go to Teaching Heart Blog page here for this printable.  The author lets you download it for free in a nice pdf format.  The image is here so you can see what it is, but if you want to print it, please go to her website linked above.

The difficulty that my children have on my caseload is that often their fine motor skills and attention skills aren't well developed enough for them to draw the 'Love Bug', roll the dice, or attend to a game.  That's where an engaging Smartboard activity based on the same activity comes into play!

The same activity above is now recreated for the Smartboard.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FREE DOWNLOAD. A cute video is linked to page 3.  We'll see how this goes! The child has to touch the dice to get a number---count the dots, and move the corresponding body part to the Love Bug.  The body parts are set to 'infinite cloner'. A group of children around a Smartboard will take turns---great for social skills!  If the number is already used, touch the dice again!

It might take a couple of times for some of the kids to get the hang of this but most will enjoy adding faces and body parts to the Love Bug. The dice rolling will be an engaging factor!  They could also have a low tech drawing activity (adding faces, antenna, arms and legs) to hearts to do at another time during the day which would be a very easy activity to set up.

Here's a trailer to the original Love Bug if you are young, and have no clue.   I was in the 6th grade.

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