Monday, January 16, 2012

"No Child"

Last night, Alana and I attended a wonderful one-person play entitled "No Child".   The star was Nilaja Sun, who also wrote this play which was rooted in her own experiences as a teacher in New York City.  It was fantastic! I'd love to see it again, and again; each time, I'd gain new insights and capture additional moments.  The play is about everything I believe about students, teaching, and learning----connecting with students, finding motivations,  challenging them,  establishing expectations, and  embracing the type of learner the student is.  Most often, it's not about paper and pencil!   This play is about great teaching!

Alana loved the play for its humor.   As she gets older, I'm sure she will appreciate the deeper discussions that this play can facilitate; for now, though, just the theatrics of the different students that Nilaja Sun performed were sufficient to captivate and entertain a middle schooler.

I loved the play on multiple levels---Nilaja Sun's ability to act out 16 characters seamlessly, the story line, the humor, and the connections she made between this play and American education.  I hope she comes back to this area some day!!!  

For those of you who want to see her performance, expert Google searches may yield where she will be next!   This play is worth a trip somewhere!

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