Saturday, January 14, 2012

Valentine Toast ---Recipe book, communication board to share

Valentine's Day will be here before we know it which is a time that lends itself to activities for the kids I see in speech. We anticipate this day for a month!  I'll be posting several Valentine's Day activities and ideas (the simpler, the better!), but I thought I would start you with Valentine Toast.  This is a great activity for following directions, and then talking about remote events. I always take pictures of the students engaged in this activity, and sometimes (depending on the child's level) print out either wordless powerpoint books for them to write or dictate the directions.  For others, I write part of the book  and ask them to complete it. Others simply have to answer my oral questions. The task is dependent on the IEP goals of the students (as all of you know already!)

      For some kids (like most of the children I work with now), the goal is basic requesting, and simple commenting while engaged in a task.  The activity is reinforcing, and there is a yummy treat at the end.  My kids have consistently enjoyed this for years, so I hope your students do to!  Do this in speech, and then send the recipe book home to parents.  Repetition is good!

 This link is to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  For a modest price, you can get this recipe, sequence activity at the end, comprehension questions, a Valentine Bingo game, and an interactive book.

Link to Valentine Toast How-To Book


  1. Oh cool, now I have another use for our heart cookie cutters!

  2. I love all things food and speech related, especially when they are intertwined!! thanks for the fun and functional food activity! Rose (

    1. Hi, I love your blog. I used to cook all the time with the kids---our school system has outlawed it for now, though :(
      Regardless, I still have lots of recipes, and might try to sneak in some food activities when the rules relax a bit. For now, I'll just have to be content with making recipes and sharing (letting others enjoy them!)


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