Sunday, June 17, 2012

What can Dolphins do? Latest printable adapted book

As many of you know, I'm working this summer in the Extended School Year program.  It's a nice job, with great kids, and I'm anticipating that the theme will be around oceans, beaches, sea animals, and fun.  To prepare for this, I've been making a few materials, and the latest is a dolphin book that I grabbed off of Tarheel Reader, revised it a bit, and adapted it with Boardmaker icons. Print the book, print the icons, laminate, cut out the icons, afix velcro, and let the kids match icons to the pictures as you read it.  Expand their knowledge base with questions!  Let them fill in the answers!  The possibilities abound.

   This book is very similar to some previous books I've developed or adapted (cats, dogs, horses, and chimps).  Download free!


icons to use to adapt the book

Click here to download the book "What can Dolphins Do?"

Click here to download the icons in Boardmaker

Click here to download the icons in pdf


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