Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tutorial (part 2) screen capture of Boardmaker icons to Proloquo2Go

In my previous post, I provided a super simple way to add Boardmaker icons to Proloquo2Go.  Some kids might need the symbols to be consistent between the two icon systems, so yesterday's post and today's are instructions on how to import Boardmaker icons for those children who need it.  Yesterday's post was for those who are lucky to have an iPad 2 with a camera feature.

What if you are one of millions of people who have the first generation iPad (no camera)?  The process for grabbing an icon has more steps, but is easy to learn.  For this blog, my computer is a MacBook Pro OS X.  The screen capture process is a bit different with a PC--that's a later blog.  I can only do one thing at a time!

First, if you want the Boardmaker icons, you should have Boardmaker loaded on your computer.
laptop screen
Pull up a symbol that you would like to import.  For this purpose, I selected 'Want'.  You don't need to include the text---Proloquo2Go will have it.

Go to Finder, Click Go, Scroll to Utilities

 You will then want to go to the Utilities Folder in Finder.  Click on "Go" and scroll Down to find "Utilities". 

Click on 'Grab'

A window will pop up----click on 'Grab'

 After clicking "Grab", go to "Capture".  A scroll down list will appear.  Click "Selection".  Online instructions will tell you to select what you want and then click a little button that appears.  It's very easy. 
I had drawn a square around the icon, and then captured it following the onscreen instructions.  I actually didn't want the text 'want', but was able to edit it out with Proloquo2Go at the end point.

Your screen capture image will save as .tiff.  This is no problem.

The next steps are easy.  Email the image to yourself as an attachment. Or if you can, sync your images (I don't do that because my iPad is synced with different computer.) Open your email on your ipad and save the image to your camera roll.  Open Proloquo2Go and use the image as you want.

Here are side by side images of Boardmaker and Proloquo2Go.
Boardmaker is left; Proloquo2Go is right

  If you do not know how to import images into your Proloquo2Go, check out their online tutorials
If you have questions, feel free to ask.  This is not difficult!

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