Friday, September 30, 2011


The cows are all paying attention to the man talking about them!

I went on a field trip today with the three special education classrooms to Maple View Farm in Orange County, but instead of just going for a picnic and ice cream, we took the whole tour.  The best moment was on the hayride: touring the cow pasture, the housing area for calves, the milking barn, and the newborn calf pen.   

The kids all liked this, but one little boy that I sat with, was especially enthused.  He had been acting up all day, but during the ride, he was pointing to every animal and vocalizing (he had little speech).  I showed him how to sign the two word phrase "love cow"---a big smile came on his impish little face, and then he signed this frequently--every time we passed a group of them.  This was a cool way to do speech therapy!

This was a great trip---lots of animals, an outdoor picnic area, nice folks, and a cup of homemade ice cream at the end.  I appreciate the teachers for setting this up.
Cool llama!   He didn't even spit at us!

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