Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Caution, Stop, Up, Mom, Dad

80% of kids at my school learn to read with the regular curriculum---in this case Leveled Guided Reading Fountas and Pernell.

About 15% learn to read using the same curriculum, but a bit more intensive.

The remainder need specialized instruction---very individualized. Tier 3 interventions, often EC support, special curriculum dependent on the child's strengths, sometimes special classrooms, sometimes one-on-one.

In one child's case (my student), he seems to be learning to read and write words that are highly interesting to him---words that appear in elevators, and color words, safety signs, and names of family members. He really doesn't have the verbal ability at this moment to tell people that he is interested in reading. Due to his autism, perhaps everyone assumed he wasn't really ready.  No one knew about his reading skills until his mom discovered that he was spelling his favorite words on his iPad, and asking her how to spell less familiar words.  Wow! 

Today, I went around the school with this little boy, and he read many words and signs he saw in the hallway.  I took pictures and made a special book just for him!  I got goosebumps! 
'Caution' is what he told me.

No problem reading 'stop'!

'Up' was the word
He spelled color words on the iPad, and words such as 'cat' and 'dog'.  What else does he know?  Kids like him challenge my assumptions, and make me rethink everything.

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  1. Hey that kid must be a genius! I bet his mom feels really grateful to have you realizing his gifts and accepting the challenge of teaching a complex kiddo!


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