Monday, September 19, 2011

Salamander Art

What happens when a biology major is also an artist?  You end up with the most artistic flashcards ever!
 At UNC Asheville, Vicki is taking a class where she has to memorize species of salamanders. To help her learn the names, she drew flashcards---if it were me drawing them, they would be stick figures.  Take a look at her creations!

I love the zoom-ins for the toes
She drew all the important wrinkles.
The one on the right has a bit of a personality.
I wish I had half her talent!


  1. Very cool! I had a friend in undergrad who was studying to be a medical illustrator, and I always thought that would be such fun. She's talented!

  2. Great job. If she's ever interested in selling the flashcards or copies, please let me know as I'm interested.


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