Saturday, September 3, 2011

Silver Linings

The eastern part of the state is still recovering from Hurricane Irene, but around Chapel Hill, life has gone on as normal.  School was unaffected, people went to their jobs, no flooding happened, and UNC had its first home football game.

Our house still has a rather large dent/splintered wood area in the roof, but rather than fixing it ourselves which would have been a horrible, exhausting job, David has hired a contractor,  we received a nice insurance check, and we now have enough firewood (elm) to last for quite a while.   Maybe we'll have a record cold winter!  We're ready!

It was my turn to cook and to celebrate all of our new firewood, I made an extra special recipe.  One of my favorite gluten-free websites is Gluten Freeda.  It has everything from appetizers, to breads, to desserts, to main dishes.  One category is '30 minute meals' and that's where I found "Almond Crusted Chicken Breasts".  Gluten Freeda fans had rated it with 5 stars--very easy to make and delicious!  David approved.  (Even if you are not gluten-free, this is a great recipe.)  Check it out for yourself here.

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