Monday, September 12, 2011

Digital Divide Resolved---Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is an affluent community.  I live in a house where we have about 2 computers per person, if you count the iPad and MacBook that I carry around from work. We have a scanner, video cameras, and printer.  We have printer paper. We have wireless!    I don't feel as though my home is atypical for my circle of neighbors and friends.  Life is easy for me, and if I had kids still at home, homework would go smoothly. My college twins each have their own laptop, and my grown boys have computers.  They stay in touch!

With mentoring, I've learned that life, technology-wise, is not always so easy.  I can't always email and depend on an answer.  There is no wireless, no printer, no dependable computer. Large families compete for their time on one 8 year old half-working laptop; so I was very happy when a generous neighbor (in response to my email) donated two laptops to Blue Ribbon kids--one for my mentee, and a ThinkPad for another mentee.  Wow!!!   In this day and age, all families need the internet, and these were very nice donations!

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