Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall Leaves Craft --iPad, Pictello, and Boardmaker

My speech therapy schedule has started full blast---it's like we never had a vacation.   I really can't complain.  Across the state, school based speech pathologists struggle with impossible caseload sizes---50 kids, 60 kids?  I don't know how you even learn the children's names much less try to help them with their communication skills.  In Chapel Hill, we have been truly blessed because there is a commitment on the part of the administration to keep workloads manageable across the district.  That's one reason I am happy with my job!

Book with icons is at the top of the picture. 

Another reason I like my job is the access to technology---my favorite gadget of course being the iPad.  On Friday, in anticipation of fall (I'm desperately wanting cooler temps, and sweater weather!) we read an adapted book together in the EC classroom ("One Bright Fall Morning") and then made a fall leaves craft.  I set up a Pictello story with craft pictures, and then adapted the activity somewhat to take into account difficulties with using scissors. 

screenshot from pictello

  These next four pictures are a few of the screenshots from the Pictello ipad app.  It is simply sequential pictures of the craft, but also has text-to-speech features. If a child touches the picture, the direction is spoken aloud.  In addition, the kids really like swiping the screen to get to the next picture.  With an iPad 2, it's simple to take the pictures with the iPad and import them into the app when setting this all up.

My hubby--I made the craft at home first and needed a model!

Communication board; boardmaker icons for leaves

So, how did the kids do?  We adapted the lesson-
precut the spiral, used Boardmaker icons for the leaves, and had a simple communication board handy for each child.  They enjoyed the adapted book, and each child was able to match icons, numbers and pictures.  At the end, we watched a YouTube video about the seasons.  I would say this was successful---the teacher and assistants participated with the kids and this activity reinforced to the adults that the iPad, adapted books, and communication boards can be great tools for any lesson.

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  1. what a fun song! We just got an ipad & I have yet to get my hands on it but seems like you can do so much! Great activities.

    Thank you for linking to the Sunday Showcase!



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