Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crockpot Indian Butter Chicken---Gluten Free

This is not low calorie, and even the title sounds fattening!!   This is the latest in my efforts to cook one new dish a week that's gluten-free.  It turned out good, and my husband seemed to enjoy it.  He's not one for very spicy foods, and this was 'mild' in the hotness category, so he ate well tonight!

I found this recipe on my favorite Crockpot website---A Year of Slow Cooking.  Apparently the blogger from this website had been given this recipe from another website--Meal Planning 101.  Check them both out!   I cooked this in the slow cooker on high for about 4 hours.  A difference of mine from the recipe was that I used chicken thighs that still had the bones, and I used ground cardamom rather than cardamom pods (I was clueless about where to find pods!).  It all seemed to work!

I have enough left over for a couple of lunches for work, and for dinner with Alana tomorrow! 
Try this out---it was easy.

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