Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Funky Fingernails!

Here is a cool thrift shop find-----Funky Fingernails!

Normally, I try not to promote games that encourage little girls to aspire to fit the 'Barbie' image, but with my language kids, these fingernails have lent themselves in a motivating way to choice making, interacting, requesting, taking turns, comparing, and just having fun.  It's actually a board game, but we usually just take a little time at the end of a session to get our nails done.  Boys apparently like fancy nails too!

My little guy who liked Cariboo (see earlier post) also developed a sudden interest in Funky Fingernails--- yesterday.   I couldn't quite get a communication device fixed for him at that instant, but am now ready for him.
I programmed Proloquo2Go with a Funky Fingernails page.  With the camera feature on the iPad, it was easy to take pictures of the different colors of nails; however, it's very possible that he doesn't care what colors his nails are (just the act of putting on nails might be what makes him happy), so requesting a particular color might not be reinforcing.  I put the options on there anyway, and will model the language for him.  I'll let you know how this goes!  I'm super excited that he now has two fun games he likes to play!  I'll keep working on getting more.

We haven't used the communication board yet!  Tomorrow, we'll see if he likes it!

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