Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turkey Counting

I'm still stuck on the turkey theme---I wonder why?    Maybe it's because it's my favorite holiday.  Good food, no gift shopping hassle, family, days off!   One very cute class of 6 boys is making a "Thankful Classroom" video.  The kids are taking turns posing around the school with favorite adults and in favorite places, saying very sincerely what they are thankful for.  I wish I could show it here!!!

Some completed turkeys.  We're going to make a book.
Instead of showing you my movie (worthy of an Oscar, by the way), I'll settle for showing off our turkey counting activity.  I lifted this craft off of a great website: No Time for Flashcards.
Hard at work. Note iPad front and center.
You can probably figure out that the number corresponds to the number of feathers.
 I used Pictello on my iPad 2 for sequencing the steps. Here are a few of the screenshots.  Pictello reads the steps one-by-one out loud.  I was amazed at how attentive the students were to the pictures and the directions.  After the craft was finished, I ran some simple questions by the boys--nearly 100% accurate!


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  1. Love it! Is it Gina's class doing the video!! Oh how I miss those fun holiday activities with my boys! :/ love them!!


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