Monday, November 7, 2011

The Biography of David Morgan

When my mentee showed me a massive 'Making History' homework assignment she had to do, I inwardly sighed.  It involved choosing a family member, sending letters to 4 people who knew the family member (and getting letters back!), an extensive interview, making a family tree, writing this person's biography, developing a timeline of the person's life, finding photos, and labeling a map of all the places the person lived.  It sounded challenging (unless you have a well connected family that likes letter writing). The anxiety of it all started to creep into my psyche.  I knew that she needed help for many reasons--computer, printer, organizing it all, letter-writing, stamps, email, family tree.......   Then, I learned that a mentor or her husband (like David) would make a suitable substitute for a family member.  Life then looked rosier!   The project was finished tonight, and is really cute.

Title page

David holding completed biography. 
 The front cover of the book is David about 1976 posing in front of his beloved MGB convertible.  Cute!
All of Culbreth will be reading his life story.

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