Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Spheres

We actually used to sing Easter songs in a public elementary school when I was little.  We said the Lord's Prayer and listened to Bible stories every morning, too!   Most of that has been replaced by more generic poems and leveled readers---there is something to be said for separation of Church and State; however, I don't think Easter bunnies are exactly Biblical, and dying eggs is just another craft.    Kids love it!

One school in Seattle has chosen to rename their Easter eggs 'Spring Spheres'.   This would work for me; although from a speech pathologist's view, the word 'sphere' is extremely difficult even for an adult to pronounce, and 'spring' has a 3-letter consonant blend.  I guess the final test for this activity is to ask the kids to say these two words together five times really fast.  If they can, then they can exit the speech program. 

The 'Spring Sphere' Hunt in Seattle

In all seriousness, I have had a lot of fun for several years teaching the kids to dye eggs. I made a step by step powerpoint that you are all welcome to download and print for free.  Just have fun with the eggs and the kids!    Remember to hard boil the eggs the night before,  or it gets messy.  Check for allergies in your class too.  Most of my kids are fine with this--if not, we'll do something else or modify things.   (One child was able to make these if he wore rubber gloves with parental permission.)

Here is the link to the egg dying directions.
  Or should I say 'Spring Spheres'?

screenshot of the google doc--yours to download

 Here is a simple communication board you can download from Tinsnips, which is a lovely website to explore if you haven't already!  It's full of all kinds of visuals, activities, and communication boards for many holidays. If this board doesn't suit you, it's easy to make your own---if your kids really need a communication board, you should have something like Boardmaker or an ipad app to help you.  If not, then you have a bit of a problem.

Here is a link to download the easter egg board (or you can get it from the Tinsnips website).

I'm totally ready for Spring Break!  Maybe that's why I'm cranking out my Spring Sphere stuff a bit early!


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