Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bunnies Everywhere? Not in my house!---printable book

This is another twist on our Joint Action Routine which follows Hearts Everywhere, and Shamrocks Everywhere.  This time it's "Bunnies Everywhere", which adds a slight plot to the story. 

This activity is a downloadable book with a repetitive carrier phrase "Bunnies on the _______"  The child fills in the blank for each page with speech and/or selecting a correct icon.  This book is made with Boardmaker and also saved as a pdf----download either way!

screenshot---there are many more pages but you get the idea
Since adults usually don't like "Bunnies on the Table",  I've added a somewhat irate mom on that page.  "Bunnies on the cake" generated a worried face for that page.  You'll see---it's a slightly funnier than my last two books and might generate some discussion or comments. 
screenshot of the icons and the carrier phrase

Click here for the book in pdf

Click here for Boardmaker

Nine days of school until break!!!!



  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing your hard work.

  2. Thanks for the book! I used the Hearts Everywhere for several students and the loved it. After reading and discussing, I made another version without the hearts. The students then glued hearts on in the correct spots. They loved it!

    PS: I would love Bunnies Everywhere in the boardmaker version but the downloading link isn't connected?

    1. Hi, Thanks for the nice comments and telling me how you used it. I fixed the Boardmaker link.


  3. I love this simple way of learning vocab - and its so cute too. (I'm one of the mummies who wouldn't have a worried face about bunnies on the table - love them too much).
    Thanks so much for linking up to Kids Co-op this week.