Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shamrocks Everywhere---a printable book

After a brief lull here, I'm getting back up to speed. 

So here is my latest very simple activity perfect for St. Patrick's Day.  It's totally a spinoff from a very popular blog entry that I wrote earlier about Valentine's Day; I just substituted shamrocks. With this booklet, there are icons to go with every page, plus a patterned sentence calling for a fill-in.  This is great for early literacy, vocabulary, speaking in simple sentences, and for the concept of 'on'.  If you want to extend this to articulations---'SH' comes to mind!  Images were created with Smarty Symbols for which I have a commercial license.

For a modest price, you can purchase this along with other St. Patrick's Day materials on Teachers Pay Teachers.

 Go here to see for yourself!

  I'm a big believer in Joint Action Routines---once you establish a routine with a child, you can change the activity a little, and give the child a chance to learn new vocabulary, but with the same routine.  This book is an example of that---earlier it was Hearts Everywhere, now it's shamrocks!   Have fun!




  1. I think we're peas in a pod! Love it!

  2. Years ago, I made a book just like this using the book Object Rhymes, and paired it with Boardmaker icons. I made a book for every month, using Object Rhymes. All of my students loved these books and enjoyed "reading them" or actually reading the words. We also incorporated sign language, so the final page "everywhere" was highly anticipated! This book style lends itself to multiple goals: articulation, phonemic awareness, prepositions, auditory memory, sequencing, and vocabulary. Therefore, it's great for the groups with different individual goals.


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