Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hanukkah book and icons

My blog, and my therapy sessions, have had a bit of a Christmas focus to them.  I have to face it---I know Christmas.  Santa, Christmas Trees, and Rudolph are familiar territory to me and most of my kids.  It's extremely easy for me to whip out a craft based on this, find a book, play Christmas bingo, or practice the words for Jingle Bells with eager little ones coming to speech.

   However...........Christmas, as fun as it is, is not celebrated by all, and is a religious holiday.  (Separation of church and state is in the Bill of Rights.)  This week, to celebrate more religions and celebrations, we are focusing on Hanukkah.  I have found a simple book created on Tarheel Reader, downloaded it, changed out one or two pictures, and uploaded it to Google Drive, along with a few icons and photos for the kids to match.    Boardmaker leaves a bit to be desired in terms of Jewish vocabulary, by the way.  I imported several items from Google, including the symbol for Jewish.  Those of you reading this who are in fact, Jewish, forgive me for any minor errors or omissions.  If there is something glaringly wrong, let me know!   I'm happy to change!

For the next week, my kids will learn dreidel games and make play dough menorahs.  I'll post more about that later on.  It should be fun!

Here's the follow-up activity---menorahs and dreidel game.

Scroll down for the download links.
sample page

Click here to download theHanukkah book

Click here to download icons in Boardmaker

Click here to download icons in pdf
pictures/icons for matching

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  1. Fantastic! I've been looking for some Hanukkah suggestions for teachers. Will link it back to my previous post.

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