Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rudolph---the Smartboard, and a very cool printable book

This is a re-release from last year!    Printable link plus Smartboard activity, all in time for the holidays!
Have fun!

 ------------------------------------------------last year's posting follows!-------------------------------

I have a new favorite blog to share---

This blogger, Katie Yeh,  is a little similar to me in that she is a speech pathologist, and also writes about her own life experiences (I guess most people do have a life outside of their job!).  I love what she writes, but also really like what she shares in the way of materials.  This day, the shared item is a Rudolph story--patterned after the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  (Remember what I wrote earlier about Joint Action Routines?  In this case, most children in special education are very familiar with Eric Carle and his book about the caterpillar.  The kids can then use the knowledge of the pattern of the story, and apply it to Rudolph.)  Alas, she used to have a book to go along with the Smartboard activity below, but she has taken it off her website :(     So all I have to offer now is the Smartboard activity below (no companion book.)

What I really want to say for those Smartboard users out there is that I created a Smartboard counting activity to go with this (missing) book.  It's very, very simple---mainly touching and dragging.  I plan to use this with my youngest kids, and the end frame is a link to a music video (Rudolph), so it will be good---very easy and hopefully engaging.  (My students sometimes struggle with engagement.)
Here are some screenshots from the Smartboard activity:


How many days until vacation????  Do you get a vacation?

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  1. I don't have a smart board, but I did just use Katie's book yesterday with a kiddo!! Loved it!


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