Friday, December 7, 2012

Play Dough Menorahs---Happy Hanukkah!

Play dough menorah

Dreidel game rules

I wish I could show you pictures of the sheer delight on my kids' faces today!  With the help of an awesome classroom assistant, the kids played the dreidel game, watched a Hanukkah video, listened to and helped read an adapted Hanukkah book, and made play dough menorahs.  We had great fun. Please look at my previous post if you would like to download the Hanukkah book.

Hard at work making a menorah!
 It's not too late for all of your kidos to get in the fun, too!  Hanukkah doesn't end until December 16th!    See below for link to the Step by Step Play Dough menorah instructions and for the dreidel game rules. 

 I developed the menorah activity myself (and am proud of it!).  The dreidel activity was lifted from Boardmaker Share. but I also converted it to pdf.   We used poker chips instead of chocolate for the game, and the kids had a great time.  I want to extend a special thanks to Meredith Simon-Ross for leading this activity!

Click here for the Dreidel game rules in Boardmaker

Click here for the Dreidel game rules in pdf

 Pictures to the right are from the ipad app--Pictello--which provide very nice step by step directions with text to speech.  I've saved a pdf document of this, which I'm now sharing with you!

Click here for the Step by Step instructions for the Play Dough Menorah in pdf

Happy Hanukkah everyone!!!!

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